Step 1


When your nurse is dressing the line, ask them to check the positioning of the line holes inside the Choob Toob pocket. You want the loose ends to thread through one of the holes - turn your garment inside out for a better view! 

We recommend positioning the loose ends of the line, so they exit the bottom of the adhesive dressing between the nipple and the lowest rib. This will ensure they are in the right place to thread through the hole.

Step 2


Choob Toob garments are designed to be worn underneath everyday clothes, with all styles featuring the innovative Choob Toob pocket.

A close fit is advised, so you may need to order one size down to what your child would usually wear.

When dressing your child, ensure the Choob Toob pocket is at the front of the garment with the line holes against the chest.

Step 3


Once the garment is in place, open the pocket of the Choob Toob to expose the small holes on the inside. Thread the loose ends of the lines through the desired opening on the left or right.

Step 4


Position the line so it sits along the bottom of the pocket. For maximum effectiveness we recommend wearing a Choob Toob garment day and night - all styles are comfortable enough to sleep in and the pocket allows for the daily line safety checks.