About us

Tiny Teas Trust makes Choob Toob; a garment explicitly designed for babies and children with a central line. The comfy Choob Toob keeps the line clean, securely in place and away from little hands - giving parents peace of mind and reducing the risk of infection.

Tiny Teas Trust was founded by a Mum who experienced these concerns first hand and saw a need for a solution that could make life easier; not just for her, but also family and friends interacting with her daughter. Choob Toob enabled her daughter to live as normal a life as possible, despite being fitted and having to grow up with a semi-permanent central line.

Founder & Inventor

Caitlin Shorricks

Former resident of Great Ormond Street, Elephant Ward; Caitlin is a dedicated wife and mother with a natural creative disposition. She is the founder of Tiny Teas Trust and innovator of Choob Toob.

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Our contributors

Abo Akin

With over 7 years of experience in the creative industry, Abo used his skills as a Product Designer and Creative Director to bring the brand of Tiny Teas to life.

He is also the founder of Acts37 and Design agency that focus branding and web design in London

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Rolfe Klement

Rolfe has worked in the photography and film industry for 22 years. He specialises in creating a visual story by making connections with each other and our environment through the work he produces.

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Wednesday Studio

Wednesday Studio is a design and storytelling-driven animation studio based in London, founded by Iria Lopez and Daniela Negrin Ochoa. They specialise in visually distinctive short-form 2D content for brands, commercials, charities and films.

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