Live life with peace of mind

Choob Toob keeps the central line clean, securely in place and away from little hands – giving parents peace of mind and reducing the risk of infection or accidental line pulls.

Founders Story

I was in your situation once

In May 2020, my daughter Theía, required a Hickman Line to deliver her chemotherapy. I was concerned that she would pull at her line or catch it under her clothes – I needed a solution and after a few design ideas and modifications, the Choob Toob was born.

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Life beyond the lines

We want all children with a CVC to reap the benefits that wearing a Choob Toob can provide; from lowering the risk of a line infection to ensuring the line doesn't get pulled or damaged. Choob Toob is a comfortable, practical garment, that provides peace of mind to caregivers and gives children the confidence to live life beyond their lines.

Provide child-friendly solutions to babies and children living with a central intravenous catheter (CVC).

Our uniquely design garments protect the delicate central line, preventing infection, reducing the risk of accidental removal and empowering both the child and family to continue their day-to-day lives. We have worked closely with babies and children of varying ages, at different milestones in their treatment journey to make Choob Toob accessible to all children.

Reclaim normality

We want to enable families to reclaim some normality at a time when their lives have been turned upside-down because of a baby or child’s serious diagnosis or illness. Tiny Teas relies on donations so that we can continue to provide free Choob Toob garments to any child with a central line - no matter their age, stage in treatment journey or condition.

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