About us

Tiny Teas Trust makes Choob Toob; a garment explicitly designed for babies and children with a central line. The comfy Choob Toob keeps the line clean, securely in place and away from little hands - giving parents peace of mind and reducing the risk of infection.

Tiny Teas was founded by Mum, Caitlin, who experienced these concerns first hand and saw a need for a solution that could make life easier; not just for her, but also family and friends interacting with her daughter. Choob Toob enabled her daughter to live as normal a life as possible, despite being fitted and having to grow up with a semi-permanent central line.
Caitlin Shorricks Penny Shorricks Eva Newberry

Meet our contributors

Tiny Teas Trust went from idea to reality thanks to a couple of friendly faces.
Abo Akin Abbie Edwards